Our guiding philosophy is a system of fundamental beliefs and principles of our business. Our statement of the corporate philosophy attempts to capture the essence.

We believe

We believe the purpose of our business is to create superior value for all our Stakeholders with Increased profitability that reflects the positive aspects of effective corporate governance and evolve a culture that brings out the best in our employees, through empowerment and sell-realization.

What we want to be

AI Omaniya Financial services’ mission is to be the best financial services company through ethics and excellence today and tomorrow.

Tree of life

What we want to do

It is the sum of our decision about what we will do to achieve our mission in the environment we operate. Our strategy is to position the company as a specialized financial services company, which will serve select markets and optimize the productivity of our capital base.

The principal components of our strategy are...

Specialized financial services company

The provision of financial services to consumers and corporate customers is the principal set of skills, which combine our activities. The core competency of our people is to put to test into areas where our skills are compatible with the requirements for success.

Non-Banking Financial Institution -AOFS

Which will serve select markets

The ability to identify potential markets where a sustainable advantage can be created is another concept in our strategy. When selecting markets, we choose the ones where we believe we have or can establish sustainable competitive advantages based upon a dedication to customer service, responsive decision- making and product innovation.

Optimize the productivity of our capital base

Balancing growth between business that requires us to carry assets and business that produce additional revenues and profits without adding to asset size. This produces a large stream of revenue and profits from a given capital base than a strategy focused principally on asset growth.

The environment in which we operate changes constantly. Customer needs and expectations evolve in new directions. We review our strategies and remain flexible to prosper and grow in the years to come.

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