Annual Report
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Synopsis Of Annual Report 2021

The company has reached its healthy position in the industry today after undergoing many business cycles under challenging economic circumstances. The company has also capitalized every single growth opportunity with its enviable strengths namely, 

Sound and innovative capital structure.
Superior service to its loyal customers.
Novel and valuable integrated business model.
Lesser delinquency ratio due to very effective collection mechanism.
Good provisioning for impairment.
Timely Product diversification.
Consistent earnings.
Highly automated IT real time system and processes.

We remain focused on maintaining quality assets with the objective of consistent returns for all our stakeholders. Our priorities for the coming year are:

Cautious lending policies in all existing product lines.
Products structuring & better packaging to suit the market demand.
To manage the liquidity and costs judiciously to ensure sustainable earnings and profitability.
Continue our leadership excellence and continue training and retaining the highly skilled and diverse work force.
Offer superior delivery mechanism and personalised customer service to build customer loyalty and superior brand positioning.

From inception till date the company has been delivering on its commitment of increasing shareholders’ wealth. It’s a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to continual improvement. Our endeavor is to constantly seek out new processes, products and efficiencies aimed at making things better for our customers. Our success is attributable to the dedication of our employees and our continued focus on keeping commitments to our stakeholders. Management believes that though weakening economy has an impact on all businesses and industries, the company has an operational and capital structure that can put it into the pedestal of growth as and when the opportunity arise. The sound guidance and encouragement from our Board of Directors has played a significant role in maintaining the asset quality and enhancing our profitability. Success is not final and failure is not fatal – we are committed to continue our legacy of excellence aiming to make AOFS an admirable and illustrious financial service provider for today and the next generation.


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